Author: Williams Victor

Indiscriminate waste dumping in Ibadan metropolis and way out

The ancient city of Ibadan (Oyo State, South-West Nigeria) , Oluyole, the city of brown roofs, was once known as one of the dirtiest city in Nigeria. With time, development and private sector involvementĀ  has given Ibadan a new name and over the last couple of years there has been massive improvement in keeping the…
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April 24, 2018 0
Disposing Municipal Solid Waste

Disposing Municipal Solid Waste in Nigeria

In our last article we delved into living a healthy life through the maintenance of healthy environment. This article will emphasize on how to dispose our Municipal Solid waste (MSW) without our environment or health being affected. Municipal Solid waste which is also referred to as trash or refuse, are our daily waste products we…
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April 13, 2018 0