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Oyo State capital – Ibadan can rightly be acclaimed as the second most developed city in south western Nigeria after Lagos but unfortunately, the state of hygiene seen around the city can be termed as worrisome. CleanEdge Solutions initiative in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV) and Nigerian Network of Non-Governmental Organizations intends to solve these challenges by utilizing the 3Rs of waste management (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We hope to address waste issues through our lines of actions: Waste Education, Waste Collection and Waste House.

In the last couple of months, we have been thoroughly involved in waste education exercise across the state which we called “Save the Environment Campaign” and we believe the broad scope of waste management requires the involvement of almost all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), both nationally, sub-nationally and at local government levels. It is to this end that CleanEdge Solution as one of its mandate presents the Annual Summit on Waste Management in Oyo State.

Oyo State Waste Management Summit 2018 is designed to bring about 250 stakeholders together to provide solutions to menace of waste management problems in Oyo State. The summit will be covered by Prints media (Tribune, Vanguard and BluePrints Newspaper), Broadcast Media (BCOS, Splash FM and Diamond FM), and online media (educeleb, DevcomNigeria, The Transverse, Africannews, The Nigeria Focus,  The News Cable etc.)

Summit Theme:         Solving Oyo State Waste and Environmental Challenges

Guideline for Recommendation Brief

  • A 1500-Words submission (Times New Romans, Font size 12, 1.5 Spacing) based on the attached recommendation brief template.


The Deadline for Submission is January 25th 2018. Submissions should be made to with recommendation brief as subject of the mail


The recommendation brief (Waste management solutions) will be published as a book guiding as roadmap or action plan to making Oyo State the cleanest city by 2030



The recommendation document should be short and succinct – no longer than four pages. It must synthesize a large amount of complex information and present recommendations in a format that enables the reader to easily and quickly understand an issue.


 1 Title of the Recommendation This must be a caption of the theme on which the summit is based
 2 Executive Summary This section summarizes the entire Brief document. It Provides a brief background for the reader to understand the problem backed up with evidences (Pictorial accepted), the findings, policy options available and recommendations, all in brief.
 3 Context and Importance of the Problem This section seeks to Convince the reader that the problem is critical and must be addressed urgently. It also portrays the problem as evidenced in state and specific community contexts
 4 Recommendation Options What options are there for government, private sectors, civil society organization as part of the efforts towards providing solution
 5 Implementation of recommendation Options This section objectively evaluate existing recommendation options and outline the need for a review, change or how the existing laws can be well adopted.


Contact for the Summit:

Website:          Email:


The Convener

Mr. Tosin Gbadegesin

Mr Temitope Ogunweide



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