Clean-up: CleanEdge Worked with Other Organizations to Clean Iso Pako Community, Bodija, Ibadan

Clean-up: CleanEdge Worked with Other Organizations to Clean Iso Pako Community, Bodija, Ibadan

August 18, 2019 Blog Latest Posts 0

The “Be your Environment Campaign” organized by ReesAfrica in partnership with CLEANEDGE, Recycle Carb, ACI Nigeria, Waste Smart and Bolaniyi Foundation took place on August 17th, 2019 at Iso Pako Community, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State. There were about forty (40) volunteers in attendance. The event kicked off at 7:45am

The exercise was carried out according to the “Outline of Activities” with the opening prayer kick starting the event, follow by the National Anthem, Introduction of partner organization and community representatives, overview and intent of campaign and task sharing.

During the task sharing, the volunteers were divided into two (2) groups. Safety mask, waste bag and hand gloves were distributed to everyone.  Some of the team members were task with enlightening and sensitizing the community on the hazard they cause themselves and the environment as a result of waste burning, improper disposition of waste and lack of personal hygiene while the rest of the team were busy with the clean – up.


As a result of interacting and communicating with the community, some of these points were gathered:

  1. Poor management from the task force
  2. Ignorance and lack of education
  3. Gap in communication between the inhabitant and trader in the community

To achieve a sustainable environment in the community, we recommend:

  1. Good and proper education
  2. Employing some of the inhabitants as waste collector
  3. Strict laws and penalty
  4. Having a waste collection point.
  5. A strong and responsible task force to monitor and enforce the laws.

It is believed that with this measures put in place and properly manage, sustainable environment would be achieved in the community.


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