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Prior to the official start of the CleanEdge’s save the environment campaign, the project coordinating team visited Methodist Grammar School Bodija yesterday 4th of October, 2017 in what they call the Pilot Phase of the program. It can be recalled earlier that Cleanedge called for volunteers on 22nd of September 2017 in effort to sensitize secondary school student in Oyo State how best they can manage their waste.

The visiting team is made up of the Campaign Manager; Tosin Gbadegesin, Campaign Coordinator; Temitope Ogunweide, Instructor; Toyib Aremu, and the Content Creator, Okunade Waliyah. The reason for this visit is to have a firsthand knowledge of the challenges our volunteers will be facing when we send them out for the campaign.

Reception at the school was awesome showing the right audience was picked and by the time Toyib Aremu started his presentation on waste, how it’s improperly managed, our activities hampering the environment etc. the student and management were all rapt with attention. By the end of his speech which was made so eloquently, most if not all the students knew different ways to recycle their waste and few ways to properly manage their waste. Proof of impact was brilliant questions the students were able to ask at the end of the presentation.

After the question and answer sessions, the school was presented with waste paper bins. Cleanedge hope that when they see these bins they’ll remember “save the environment” campaign and strive to put what was taught to good use. Students were also encouraged to teach others what they learnt today.

Cleanedge therefore hope to take this sensitization exercise to over 150 secondary schools in the state 33 local government from 19th of October to 17th of November 2017


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