CleanEdge provide solutions to the dirty city of Ibadan.

CleanEdge provide solutions to the dirty city of Ibadan.

September 3, 2017 Blog 1

Ibadan can rightly be acclaimed as the second most developed city in south western Nigeria after Lagos but unfortunately, the state of hygiene seen around the city can be termed as worrisome.

The city is the largest capital in Nigeria and was the fastest growing city in Nigeria as at the time of independence.

Despite the development the city has seen over the years, several waste management strategies used are yet to lead to cleaner and healthy cities . CleanEdge takes a look at places where waste has been disposed indiscriminately such as the roadsides, under the bridges, pedestrian ways, bins not properly utilized etc. and use their innovative waste management strategies to profer solution to this.

Furthermore, CleanEdge in a statement by the team leader state its readiness to educate the people of Ibadan on waste reduction, proper waste disposal and recycling in order to make our environment more hygienic than it is presently.


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  1. Soji says:

    Nice concept, waiting to see your impact

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