Through CleanEdge Recycle Program (CleanEdge-RP), we harvests recyclables directly from post-consumers generates very neat materials that have not been co-mingled with dirt. This adds huge value in the recycling process as it reduces the cost of washing and assures better quality material free from contaminants.

The collected recyclables are processed at our Collection and Sorting HUBs and thereafter sold to manufacturing/recycling plants.

We operate a drop-off and door-to-door collection of the following Recyclable items

Pure Water Sachets (PWS), PET Plastic Bottles (PET), Used Beverage Cans (UBC), Glass bottles (GBS), Old Newspapers (ONP) and Brown Corrugated Cartons (BCC)

Our Programs

With CleanEdge-RP, we run 2 recycling initiatives:

1. CleanEdge-RPI: aimed at individuals, where recyclable materials are exchanged for household items. Subscribers under our CleanEdge-RPI exchange their recyclable items for “Points” which accumulates over time. At the point of collection/drop-off, the recyclable items are counted and points earned according to the chart below. The subscribers then use the points to redeem valuable household items from our online Store or collect equivalent cash.

2. CleanEdge-RPI WastePicker Initiative (WP): is targeted at individuals where recyclable materials are exchanged for cash. Under our WP Initiative, subscribers exchange their recyclable items for cash rewards, calculated according to the weight of materials being recycled. Subscribers are to bring their recyclable items to any of our hubs closest to them. The items are weighed and the value of items ascertained from the measured weight. Each type of material recycled have a price per kilogram (contact any of our hubs for the current price). The cash rewards are paid into subscribers bank account (account can be opened instantly in any of our hubs).