CleanEdge Solutions Pledge to Shoulder Oyo State’s Environmental Challenges

CleanEdge Solutions Pledge to Shoulder Oyo State’s Environmental Challenges

September 16, 2017 Blog 0

Back in 2015, when the United Nations established a set of shared goals and targets for achieving sustainable development around the world, the development community has been energized, excited but a little bit wary. While the ambition contained in the Global Goals is high, the challenge is very high as well. We do not yet know how things will unfold, but one thing is for sure: the scale, scope and complexity of the economic, environmental and social transformation to come will be such that no one sector- government, businesses, civil society or academia- will be able to manage the development alone. We are going to need some coalition that will bring different sectors together if we are to achieve the set goals.

Civil society organizations, with their capacity for increasing accountability and promoting development plays a very important role if partnership with both governments and businesses can be fostered. By sharing information, resources, activities and capabilities, we can achieve things together that we can never achieve alone.
At CleanEdge Solutions, we are already busy planning strategic partnership, and a particular priority for us now is to improve the cleanliness of Oyo state. We at CleanEdge have the expertise, knowledge and capacity at all levels to contribute to development, especially at the national and community levels. We are looking forward to creating a shared value which will help mobilize businesses to identify and focus on specific efforts to support the SDGs.

We hope to achieve a cleaner Oyo State by 2025 through massive waste education in secondary and tertiary schools of the state, waste collection and waste house where activities such as Recycling, Organic Fertilizer production, Sanders production from Plastics and turn Oyo state capital to a conducive habitat for all.


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