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Healthy environment, Healthy life

The existence of human is interdependent on his environment. The environment which is the surroundings that accommodate both living and non-living affects both the behavior and development of human. Over the years, the environment has always reacted to the way we treat it and it is very pivotal we treat the environment well, in other to get a reaction that will benefit our existence. Natural disasters such as; Flood, Earthquake, Hurricanes and Landslides are mostly caused by the daily unhealthy activities we carry out in our homes and place of work, and often times, the effects of these disasters outweighs the actions that led to it.

In our daily life, we interact with our environment and one of the ways we do is the disposal of our Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), these are products such as packaging, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, paint, and batteries. This comes from our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. Statistics shows that every individual contribute an average of 0.40pound waste per day, the ways these wastes are disposed will determine if it will be detrimental to our living or beneficial to it. Municipal Waste disposal has been one of the major challenges Nigeria face when it comes to healthy living, it has become a norm in Nigeria to dispose refuse in streams, river or any flowing water, as they believe this wastes will be transported away from their vicinity but little did they know that it causes more harm, because it’ll flow and coagulate at a point where it’ll block the free flow of water, this will let water flowing to leave it’s pathway and create another path which might lead to homes, shops or work places of people living within, this in turn causes flooding just like we saw in some parts of Ibadan a couple of months ago. As fast developing Nigeria is, it is unbelievable why the act of municipal solid waste disposal into streams hasn’t stopped. Most states in Nigeria today has no standard, consistent and effective means of waste disposal and this has unknowingly caused a lot of hazards in their communities.

Disposal of wastes should be done with consideration to the environment. Despite the fact that a lot of attention has been drawn to incessant dumping of refuse, the trend grows on a daily basis. Waste should not be dumped in river, streams or flowing water, this adversely affects our homes, waste should not be let to litter the ground as well, it eventually flows into gutters and block the passage of water. There are different methods our municipal solid waste could be disposed, this will be shared in our subsequent posts.


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