Problem Statement

Waste and improper waste handling is a significant challenge to developing nations in the past decade. Development is incomplete without sustainability. Therefore, it is highly important in a place, organization or any form of habitant. In this modern day world, there is the need for not only development but sustainability of the environment and world in general.

CleanEdge is an eco-friendly project that fosters global environmental sustainability, improve lives and alleviate poverty. Our waste management project comprises of three stages; Waste education, waste collection and waste house.

CleanEdge is a waste education, waste collection and recycling system that strives to minimize and eliminate waste from the source (the point waste is produced) and then recycle the minimum waste produced into opportunities. It is a waste management system that educates to reduce waste; reuse and recycle waste into opportunities that alleviate poverty, improve agricultural yields by restoring soil fertility and providing scare-crows, reduce emissions associated with waste and improve the livelihood of people and the environment.

As CleanEdge progresses, it will targets waste before it is being produced thereby minimizing the amount of waste produced and reuse or recycles the waste produce thereafter into opportunities: