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Clean-up: CleanEdge Worked with Other Organizations to Clean Iso Pako Community, Bodija, Ibadan

The “Be your Environment Campaign” organized by ReesAfrica in partnership with CLEANEDGE, Recycle Carb, ACI Nigeria, Waste Smart and Bolaniyi Foundation took place on August 17th, 2019 at Iso Pako Community, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State. There were about forty (40) volunteers in attendance. The event kicked off at 7:45am

The exercise was carried out according to the “Outline of Activities” with the opening prayer kick starting the event, follow by the National Anthem, Introduction of partner organization and community representatives, overview and intent of campaign and task sharing.

During the task sharing, the volunteers were divided into two (2) groups. Safety mask, waste bag and hand gloves were distributed to everyone.  Some of the team members were task with enlightening and sensitizing the community on the hazard they cause themselves and the environment as a result of waste burning, improper disposition of waste and lack of personal hygiene while the rest of the team were busy with the clean – up.


As a result of interacting and communicating with the community, some of these points were gathered:

  1. Poor management from the task force
  2. Ignorance and lack of education
  3. Gap in communication between the inhabitant and trader in the community

To achieve a sustainable environment in the community, we recommend:

  1. Good and proper education
  2. Employing some of the inhabitants as waste collector
  3. Strict laws and penalty
  4. Having a waste collection point.
  5. A strong and responsible task force to monitor and enforce the laws.

It is believed that with this measures put in place and properly manage, sustainable environment would be achieved in the community.



Theme: Waste and Environmental Challenges: The Role of Young People In Providing Solutions


  • DEPSA – Development Practice Students Association
  • CESDEV – Centre for Sustainable Development
  • SDG Youth Nigeria
  • Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGOs)
  • Ibadan Volunteers Hub
  • NextGen Africa Initiative
  • WestAfrica ENRG


Prof. Oladele Osibanjo


  • Olawale Olayide (Research Fellow and Sub-dean at Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan)
  • Tunde Agboola (Founder of Sunplus Energy System Ltd)
  • Gboyega Olurunfemi (Founder of Enviromax Global Resources Limited)
  • Kayode Alabi ((Founder of Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy (KLCA))
  • Joshua Alade ( Youth Social Worker of NexGen Africa Initiative)
  • Atinuke Lebile ( Co-Founder of CATO Foods)
  • Emmanuel Falude ( Serial Entrepreneur and Leading voice in Environmental Space)
  • Adewole Taiwo ( Executive Director RecyclePoints Nigeria and Executive Director of WasteAid Nigeria)
  • Pelumi Aribisala (Vibrant Sustainable Agriculture Expert)
  • Mike Oladipo (Founder and CEO of Heros Nation)

This report summarizes proceedings of the first National Youth Summit on Environment which was conducted on the 10th of July, 2018 at CESDEV, 20 Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State. It was attended by a total of 180 participants comprising of young leaders from different parts of Nigeria. The main aim of the summit was to bring young people working towards addressing environmental challenges in Nigeria while building their network in the environmental space


The keynote address was given by Prof. Oladele Osibanjo on the role of young people in providing solutions to environmental challenges. He spoke about the power young people have in influencing political decisions, stating that it is important to ask politicians what their agenda is for the environment. He further mentioned that the action of CleanEdge Solution is timely as he emphasized the environmental challenges in Nigeria such as industrial pollution, chemical and oil pollution, flood and erosion, land degradation, weak environmental governance system, inadequate pollution control regulation and the impact it has on the health and environment. He said that waste is a valuable resource for the right place and also a valuable resource for the future. The speaker ended the address by encouraging the youth to act now and further stating that the environment is our legacy and we must not degrade it.


Topic: Volunteerism in Environmental Space, Building a Research Career in Environmental Sector, Role of Volunteerism in Career Building


Topic: Climate Smart Buildings, Tapping in Recycling Opportunities, Sustainable Agriculture, The Role of perseverance in Entrepreneurship and Tapping into Renewable Energy Opportunities.


  • Opportunities to collaborate and work with like minds
  • Better education on waste reduction, proper waste disposal and recycling techniques
  • Build capacity for young entrepreneurs to solve water issues in the state
  • Mentor-Mentee Opportunities for participants
  • Funding for climate-smart businesses
  • Internship/Work experience opportunities
  • Foster partnership among different sectors in the environmental space and other sectors
  • Promote the role of youth groups, policy makers. Civil society and the media in environmental practice



From @taiwoadewole: It was great time speaking at the 1st National Youth Summit Environment organized by @Tpaeyne @CleanEdgeng in Ibadan. It was great opportunity for youths to tap into the waste recycling business and intiatives

From @aremuoropo: Glad to have participated and moderated a panel session today @CleanEdgeng’s Youth Summit on Environment today. Great people and quality engagement. Collaboration is the new competition.

From Chinonso Onwunali: The summit opened me up to diverse opportunities that can be tapped into. My take home from the summit will help me in starting up and creating a sustainable model for my social enterprise.


Keynote Speaker Prof. Oladele Osibanjo with the Founders of CleanEdge Solutions and Conveners of the Summit


Dr. Olawale Olayide during the Panel Session


Cross-Section of the 1st Panel Session

Mr. Adewole Taiwo during his presentation

Cross section of Participants at the Summit

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development during his Remarks

Participants during a Group Photo Session

Participant at Point of Registration

Participants at Lunch

Cross-Section of the 2nd Panel Session

Red Carpet Session

Red Carpet Session


Save the Environment Campaign 2017

Despite being one of the early developed states in Nigeria, Oyo state, especially Ibadan, battles the problem of waste management. On the street and in drainage systems, it is common to find wastes sporadically and indiscriminately dumped. This poses great risks to both human and environmental health. One of the ways of addressing this is through proper waste management education. It was against this backdrop that CleanEdge Solution designed a state-wide environmental campaign to instil a sense of respect for the environment in secondary school students. The CleanEdge Team went to Methodist High School, Ojunrin, Bodija Ibadan on October 4, 2017 for a pilot campaign on environmental education. Having successfully interacted with the students and donated some sanitation kits to the school, the main campaign began on October 17 and ended November 30, 2017.



The project reached about 60 secondary schools, more than 20,000 students in about 12 local governments.  Part of the local government covered was Ibadan North, Akinyele, Ido, Oyo West, Ibadan North East and many more

CleanEdge Solution was able to achieve this through their network of over 60 volunteers. The volunteers have in turn benefited has many have been considered for Barack Obama’s Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI), RLC, Accra Ghana while many other have been considered for several  leadership and volunteering programs of which Women Deliver Conference is one.

The campaign which is set to be a continuous process impacted and transformed so many lives

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