Research Mentor/Support for Citizens’ Report

Research Mentor/Support for Citizens’ Report

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call for application


Location– Lagos, Nigeria.

Type of contract– Consultancy (Full Time)

Duration– 4 months

Department– Research

Programme – Citizens’ Report Initiative

Nigeria Network of NGOs

About us
The Nigeria Network of Non-Governmental Organisations (NNNGO) is the first generic membership body for civil society organisations in Nigeria that facilitates effective advocacy on issues of poverty and other developmental issues. Established in 1992, NNNGO represents over 2400 organisations ranging from small groups working at the local level, to larger networks working at the national level.
NNNGO aims to promote inter-connectivity at the grassroots, provide opportunities for CSOs/NGOs/CBOs and PVOs to contribute to the advancement of national and global peace through developmental activities focused at the grassroots, whilst networking with each other and other national and international agencies, with the aim of meeting NEEDS/SEEDS/LEEDS, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

About the Project
The project aims to initiate and enhance the monitoring and review of SDGs implementation through Citizen-Generated Data (CGD) in 10 African countries, i.e. 3 each in Southern and East Africa and 4 in West Africa. The methodology for CGD is guided by the concept of “leave no one behind” where the focus is on vulnerable and excluded communities; thus, the choice of indicators, analysis and, sampling technique for additional data will have to reflect this concept. The CGD for the project is intended to be conducted by a team of five Nigerian youths who will engage citizens through survey and Focus Group Discussions. The team will then engage policy makers with briefs created from reports of the research to drive policy change.

About you
We require an individual who will display capacity in the following areas:

•Mentoring of youths who will be conducting the survey, focus group discussions and advocacy in line with programs for the Citizens’ Report Initiative.
• Analysis and synthesis of data and writing of the national citizens report as a shadow SDGs monitoring report.
• Provision of support in the process of developing key messages for policy makers and parliament to be used during advocacy.
Duties will include providing technical support to the country team engaged in the Citizens’ report Initiative as follows:
• To conduct focus group discussions and a survey in three localities
• Adapt Citizens Report guide and guide questions to a county context
• Adapt the survey question to county context this would entail:
Translating survey questions into Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo languages and Pidgin.
• Guide the community level sampling selection process
• Mentor, support and supervise youths to conduct the citizens hearings and the survey to ensure rigour and quality control
• Data analysis and reporting of the outcomes of citizens hearings

Required Skills, Experience and Competencies
• A degree in Statistics or Demography, Social Sciences with a specialty in qualitative research, Economics, Political
Science or related fields.
• Teaching, training or mentoring experience
• Adequate knowledge and understanding of the country’s development issues
• Demonstrable knowledge of SDGs and their application in country context

Closing date: 20th April 2018

Women are encouraged to apply.

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